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Parambarya Chikitsa

Natural Touch Ayurveda has roots in the traditional Ayurveda Kalari of Kerala. We began our journey since 1960.

Traditional Treatment

Welcome To Natural Touch Ayurveda


Eliminates toxins from your body, restore your constitutional balance, strengthen your immune system, slowing the aging process, enhance your self-reliance...

Traditional Treatment

Welcome To Natural Touch Ayurveda

Our Special Treatments

Arthritis Treatment, Psoriasis Treatment, Frozen Shoulder Treatment, Detox And Body Purification Treatment, Rejuvenation Treatment & Weight Loss Treatment.

Traditional Treatment

Panchakarma Treatment Centre

& Ayurvedic Teaching Course

South Goa - Cancona

Patnem Beach, Colomb beach, Palolem beach


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Massage & Treatments

These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.


How to Have a Healthier and More Productive Home Office

Spine And Neck Care Programme

Slimming Programme

Stress Management Programme

Relaxation Programme